Cultivating beauty, simplicity, and wellness in residential design

Balanced Architecture is a residential design studio that puts wellness and sustainability at the heart of every project.

We design fresh, modern structures and spaces that nourish the body, the mind and the earth.  Our inspiration is derived from the surrounding environment and from the people that will make the structure their home.  By focusing on beautiful and functional design that promotes health and longevity, we are able to bring a little more balance into your life.


Snake Plants Toxin Free Home
15 Simple Steps Toward a Toxin Free Home
31, May

Our homes are filled with building materials, furnishings and household products that contain loads of harmful chemicals.  The chemicals make

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Comfort Healthy Home
How to Create Comfort in Your Healthy Home
15, May

What is Comfort? When you think of how you want to feel in your home, you probably think,

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healthy home kitchen
How to Make Your Kitchen Healthier Right Now
26, April

A healthy kitchen is a kitchen that promotes good eating habits and reduces your exposure to harmful toxins. 

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