October 14

006 // How Much Does A Healthy Home Cost To Build?

Have you thought about building a home that encompasses your health and wellness goals, but figured it would be too expensive to build?  A healthy home must cost more to build than a typical home, right? 

Guess what?!

It doesn't have to!

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This podcast episode breaks down the myth that a healthy and eco-friendly home will cost more to build than a typical home.  There are certain items that need to be included in a healthy home that will cost more than a typical home, but those costs can be balanced out by cost-saving strategies that take place when designing a healthy home.  


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In this episode you will learn:

  • The two main items that will cost you more in a healthy home than a typically (code minimum) built home
  • What you and your designer can do in the design phase of your project to ensure that your house will be built as a healthy home without adding cost
  • How aligning your goals with your budget with help you offset the few high cost items of a healthy home
  • The areas where a healthy home will cost less than a typical home

A few helpful links:

I mention the Eight Healthy Home Elements when talking about the design of a healthy home.  Click here to listen to the Healthy Home Design episode that breaks down each of the healthy home elements.

Here is a link to the Facebook Live video where I talk about setting goals and determining your purpose for creating your new home.

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