009 // Healthy and Sustainable Countertops for Your Healthy Home

By: Kate HambletNovember 4, 2019

Are you sick of Googling the best healthy and sustainable countertop options for your kitchen renovation?  

I have you covered.  

On today's Healthy Home Design podcast, I am sharing my ten favorite countertops for a health and wellness focused home.  You will also learn what countertops I recommend avoiding in a healthy home.


This is another 10 in 20 episode, so I share ten countertops and talk about the pros and cons of each countertop for 2 minutes a piece.

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Here is the criteria I use when determining whether a countertop belongs in a healthy home:

  • Durable (doesn't scratch or crack easily and can handle heat)
  • Doesn't require sealant and yearly maintenance
  • Non-toxic
  • Hygienic
  • Can be mechanically fastened
  • Is made of sustainable materials
  • Cost

Here are my top ten countertops.  Listen to the podcast to learn the pros and cons of each option!  

  1. Engineered Quartz
  2. Granite
  3. Solid Slate
  4. Soap Stone
  5. Stainless Steel
  6. Porcelain Tile
  7. Concrete
  8. Recycled Paper
  9. Recycled Glass
  10. Linoleum

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