November 11

010 // Luxury Residential Wellness Design Trends with Rochelle Maize

Today we are going to live in luxury because I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Rochelle Maize, Beverly Hills' leading luxury real estate broker that specializes in wellness real estate. 

Rochelle is going to be sharing with us current wellness trends she is seeing in the luxury real estate market and where trends are headed in 2020 for wellness in our homes.  

She also shares some trends she is seeing in the non-luxury market as well.  So there are some great ideas in here that everyone can incorporate into their wellness homes. 


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More About Rochelle:

Rochelle is the executive director of the luxury estate division of Nourmand and Associates and she recently sold the Wellness House in Beverly Hills.  

Rochelle has been a pioneer in the luxury real estate sector turning average homes into smart technology and wellness residences.  From infrared saunas and cryotherapy, to private yoga studios and spas, she has found that luxury real estate buyers want their self-care regimes in their homes.  

“We’re seeing a lot of millennials, athletes, hedge fund investors and dot-commers flock to these wellness homes," says Rochelle. “This is not just a house, it’s a lifestyle.”

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