November 25

012 // Using Color To Fight Off The Winter Blues

Back with us this week is Mehnaz Khan.  Mehnaz is a fine artist and color consultant.  The artwork above is by Mehnaz!  She was on the show last week giving us an introduction on how color can affect your happiness and well-being.  

If you haven't listened to that episode yet, please do!  You will learn a lot about the basics of color psychology and why it is so important to understand how color affects your mood before you do any upgrades to your home!  Click here to listen.

This week Mehnaz is diving into the topic of seasonal affective disorder, known as SAD or the winter blues.  

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If you live in a place where the sun is setting at 4pm all winter and there are more gray days than sunny days, you may notice a change in your mood and energy levels.  

I definitely have!  I live in New England where the winters are long, dark and gray.  (But they're also a lot of fun, so I wouldn't trade it up!)  

Mehnaz is going to explain what the winter blues is all about and how we can combat the low energy feeling by strategically using color in our homes.

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More About Mehnaz:

Mehnaz Khan is a fine artist and color consultant who helps overwhelmed mothers turn their home into a sanctuary through art and colors. She uses the power of color to positively impact their feelings, emotions and behavior.

Mehnaz has generously offered 20% off one of her paintings or a commissioned piece to all our listeners.  Click here to get the coupon code, and make sure you check out her beautiful art!  The floral artwork above is a sample of Mehnaz's work.

Connect with Mehnaz:




PS: If you'll looking for more ways to create calm in your home, check out the episode: How To Reduce Stress and Create More Calm in Your Home

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