015 // What Is A Healthy Home Consultant?

By: Kate HambletJanuary 6, 2020

Is this your year for creating a home that will allow your family to thrive?

Find out how teaming with a healthy home consultant for your renovation or new home build will elevate the success of your project and have you living in a home that keeps you healthy, makes you happy and encourages living your best life.

In this week's episode, I'm switching things up a bit, and providing information on what a Healthy Home Consultant is and how working with one on your renovation or new build will be a game changer for your project.


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This episode covers:

  • Why a healthy home is needed for a healthy lifestyle
  • What the Eight Healthy Home Elements are
  • The 4 reasons to team up with a Healthy Home Consultant
  • How the Healthy Home Package will make your project a success

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