025 // What’s Holding You Back From Creating a Healthy Home?

By: Kate HambletAugust 10, 2020

Do you have hesitations about building or renovating a health and wellness focused home?  

If so, you're not alone!  

The most common hesitations I hear involve affordability, stress and overwhelm, and feeling a bit hopeless about the whole endeavor.  


On this week's Healthy Home Design podcast episode, we'll tackle each of these hesitations and show you how you can create a home that supports your family's health and well-being without breaking the bank or sending your stress levels soaring.

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What You'll Discover:

  • How you can afford a healthy and sustainable home
  • How to keep your stress levels in check during the home design process
  • How to not freak out when researching healthy home dangers

Healthy Home Planning Workshop:

You'll hear me mention this live, online workshop during the podcast.  

This workshop is designed for you if you're planning to build a home or renovate your existing home, and you're feeling overwhelmed by the whole process. 

The Healthy Home Planning Workshop will prepare you for your upcoming new build or renovation so you can begin your project with confidence!

The workshop will be held on Tuesday, August 25th, 2020 at 11am eastern.

Learn more by clicking here.

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