028 // What Does It Feel Like To Live In A House Designed For Wellness And Sustainability?

By: Kate HambletSeptember 8, 2020

My favorite thing about buildings is the way they have the power to affect how I feel.

Have you noticed this?

A really massive concrete building might make you feel tiny, and maybe even a bit nervous.  A small, dark entryway feels pretty uncomfortable.  Smells and textures within a building can give you a feeling of curiosity.  Pathways and playful spotlights of natural lighting can make you feel excited, like you're on an adventure.  


When you're creating your future home (your new build or renovation), you have the opportunity to choose how people will feel in your home.

That is pretty powerful.

It's a good idea to start thinking early on in the design process what it is you want people to feel when they're at your home.

How do you want to feel?

This week's Healthy Home Design Podcast episode talks about the different ways a wellness home can make you and your visitors feel.

This is Part 2 in the Components of A Wellness House series.

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What You'll Discover:

  • How to make your house feel more comfortable through daylighting and natural ventilation
  • What it's like to enter into a wellness designed entryway
  • How a wellness kitchen can entice you to eat better
  • How to create adventure and wonder in your indoor/outdoor environments
  • Components of a spa-like relaxing bathroom

Wellness Home Image Inspiration:


Bright, Airy Entryway (Photo Credit: Hearth Homes)

Convenient, Yet Out-Of-Site Bike Storage (Photo Credit: Heartly Design Studio)

Bench Seating and Closet Storage (Photo Credit: Locale Design Build)

Making Your Entryway Personal (Photo Credit: Undecorated Home)

Wellness Kitchen:

Natural Materials (Photo Credit: Hearth Homes)

Easy Access Cabinets (Photo Credit: Garde Hvalsoe)

Open Floor Plan With Privacy From Dirty Dishes (Photo Credit: Downie North Architects)

Multiple Prep Zones (Photo Credit: Locale Design Build)

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