January 5

039 // How can the design of your home make you more productive?

We’re spending a lot more time in our homes and as work and family responsibilities merge, we’re finding ourselves more distracted and less productive.

With January being the time we set goals and figure out how to make our lives better, I wanted to share some ideas that can make your new home or renovation help you become more productive and healthy. 

These 10 design ideas will help you work efficiently, get more done in less time, and reduce stress for a healthy, productive home.

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What You'll Discover:

  • What designs you need to consider for a productive home
  • How to increase natural light and decrease noise
  • Why colors and the right furniture matter
  • How the layout of your home and rooms can increase productivity and wellness

Design Ideas for Productivity

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Smart, organized storage eliminates clutter, which stifles productivity. Buy storage furniture. This way you can hide most things, but still have a few areas for display, adding some life to the storage unit.

Being connected to nature allows your body and your mind to have a break. If you can't get outside, bringing nature into your house is equally important. Add a few plants to your workspace.

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Design a wellness kitchen so that you're encouraged to eat well. Display your healthy food.  Put fruit on the counter so it's easy to see and easy to grab.

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