041 // How to Design a Small House Without Sacrificing Comfort or Flexibility

By: Kate HambletJanuary 19, 2021

Can you live in a small house?

Now, we’re not talking about tiny houses, which are wonderful for the planet, but a small house relative to the amount of people and how those people live their lives.

Being comfortable in a small house, or any house, is all about the design. You can walk into a 3,000 square foot house and it can actually feel smaller than an 1,800 square foot house. Creating a spacious feeling in a small house is about the layout, design elements, and organization options.

This week’s Healthy Home Design podcast episode digs into ways to design a small house without sacrificing your comfort or flexibility.

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What You'll Discover:

  • The benefits of living in a small house
  • What to consider when designing your small house
  • Tips and design ideas for making your house flexible, multi-use, and organized
  • How to make your house feel comfortable and spacious
  • Why a smaller home doesn’t necessarily affect the resale value

Ideas for Small House Design

stepping the floor ruetemple.ru

Stepping the floor level is a common thing to do to define spaces with an open floor plan. It helps to make it feel like you're not in a gigantic open space and have some coziness and comfort to your home.

interior transom modern akvpc dot com

Transom windows and will help make the space feel bigger and let in more light.

traditional inteiror transom ramblingrenovators.ca

Transom windows are just windows that are above the typical head height of your typical window.

interior transom kitchen-studio-strato-ping-pong-house-serena-eller-1466x2199

Use transom windows on interior walls to connect the rooms while still maintaining the privacy of the different rooms that you have.


Some climates are a lot more suitable for outdoor living year round, but that shouldn't discourage you from trying to make your outdoor space usable year round. Be creative so that it can be used as often as you can throughout the whole year.

Royal Design Studio

Covered outdoor areas are great for blocking the rain. You can still be outside and creating a roof is much less expensive than creating a whole separate room inside your house.


When opening your home to the outdoors, consider adding shading to make sure you're blocking the hot summer sun. You can put up a 10 style structure shading device, which is an inexpensive way to block the sun and it will make it more comfortable for you to be in your own outdoor area.

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