044 // How To Make The Ultimate Healthy Home For You And The Planet

By: Kate HambletMay 6, 2021


Have you heard of the Living Building Challenge?  It's my latest obsession.

The goal of the Living Building Challenge is to create a building that has a positive impact on the planet, the community and the building occupants.  

It's the most stringent building certification program there is.  

It's also the most inspiring.  

Imagine if your home was improving the local ecosystem, providing food for your community, creating a beautiful place to discover for everyone that visits, creating zero waste, removing carbon from the atmosphere, and so full of life that it rejuvenates you every day.

That's what happens when you use the Living Building Challenge as a guide for designing your home.

There is a lot to discover about the Living Building Challenge and how you can create a Living House.  This month's podcast episode is bringing you an overview of the concepts and how you can bring the ideas into your own home design.

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What You'll Discover:

  • What the Living Building Challenge is and who it's for
  • The 7 'Petals' that make up the core concepts of the LBC
  • How to use the LBC framework without having to go all in on certification
  • How to apply the LBC strategies to your upcoming project whether it's a renovation or a new build

Project Spotlight: The Loom House

The Loom House is a gorgeous example of creating a Living Building by renovating an existing home.

Designed by Miller Hull Architects and built by Clark Construction, this mid-century modern home is now giving back to the owners, the community, and the planet much more than it is taking.

Follow Balanced Architecture on Instagram this month to learn all the ways the Loom House is creating a healthier living experience for the home owners, the community and the planet.

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