046 // The Best Insulation For Your Home with Andrew Legge of Havelock Wool

By: Kate HambletJune 29, 2021


I'm sure you've heard me rave about sheep's wool insulation.  I love it.  And recently I had a chance to talk to Andrew Legge, the founder of one of the only sheep's wool manufacturers in the US.

Andrew is founder and managing partner of Havelock Wool. He has a passion for all things New Zealand, where the company procures its wool, that is mirrored by a desire to affect positive change in the built environment. He has lived and traveled around the world and seeks to leverage those experiences in bringing a biophilic, best practice to an industry known to contribute excessive waste to our world.

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What You'll Discover:

  • How does sheep wool insulation work?
  • Is it a healthy choice for your home?
  • Is it good for the environment?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Is it easy to install?
  • Plus a lot more!

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Havelock Wool

What is an EPD?

What does Cradle to Gate and Cradle to Cradle mean?

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