047 // How can the lighting in your house affect your sleep AND your health?

By: Kate HambletOctober 25, 2021


The podcast is making a brief comeback, and today's episode is an interview I had with Greg Yeutter, founder of Restful, the company that created the Bedtime Bulb. We're diving into all things sleep, lighting, and circadian rhythms.

Greg founded Restful with the mission to help people sleep better without drugs. Their Bedtime Bulb product is the top-selling sleep light bulb in the US and Canada. It's their goal to give 10 million people a great night's sleep by 2022.

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What You'll Discover:

  • Why is sleep so important, and how can your living space influence your sleep?
  • What are circadian rhythms?
  • What is blue light?
  • Do blue light blocking glasses really work?
  • What kind of light do we need for better sleep and how do we get it?

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Bedtime Bulb

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