048 // 10 Sustainable Design Strategies for your home reno project or new build

By: Kate HambletMarch 20, 2023

I'm excited to announce that the Healthy Home Design Podcast is back!  

And to kick things off, we're talking about some overarching principles of sustainable home design and how you can apply them to your sustainable home renovation or new home build project.


I love being able to talk about sustainable design as well as wellness-centered design.  It's important to consider both when building a new home or renovation.  And while most of the strategies in this episode are focused on sustainable design, they pair really well with wellness-centered, healthy home design.

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Orientation, window placement and overhangs are some of the biggest components of creating an energy efficient, comfortable, wellness-centered home

What You'll Discover:

  • 10 important sustainable design strategies that you need to consider for your home renovation or new build
  • How wellness-centered design accompanies eco-friendly home design
  • The difference between embodied carbon and operational carbon

Helpful Links:

The 10 steps to designing a Net Zero Energy Home: Take your energy efficient home design further by designing a net zero energy home!

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