049 //  Hempcrete and Hempwool Building Solutions with Hempitecture

By: Kate HambletMarch 28, 2023

Hempcrete is an amazing alternative building technique that fits into the category of natural building methods.  

In this episode, I interview Mattie Mead, the founder and CEO of Hempitecture, a public benefit corporation that supplies hempcrete building materials and makes hempwool insulation.


“Hempitecture was founded with the idea that healthy, sustainable materials can help build a better world. These materials can help build a better world by contributing to our health, saving energy, and storing carbon dioxide.

They’re achieving their mission by focusing on biobased, natural building materials that are designed to replace conventional, toxic materials.”

I am super intrigued by hempcrete construction, and I’d love to build out of hempcrete someday. I have a feeling by the end of this episode, you’ll love the material too!

Mattie provides an in-depth understanding of what hempcrete is, how it works, and why it’s so good for you and the planet!

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Hempcrete mixture for cast-in-place walls.  image: hempitecture.com

What You'll Discover:

  • How hempcrete is made
  • What the sustainability and health benefits are of hempcrete
  • What the difference is between cast-in-place hempcrete and hempcrete blocks
  • How the cost of hempcrete construction compares to a more standard high-performance wall assembly
  • The benefits of hempwool insulation and where to install it

Inside a hempcrete house, by architect Anastasiya Konopatskaya, Image from Dwell

Hempwool batts, so safe you can lie on them :). image: Hempitecture

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