050 // Biophilic Kitchen Design: Bringing Nature Into Your Home

By: Kate HambletApril 10, 2023

Biophilic design is all about bringing nature into the design of your home to create spaces that support and enhance human well-being. It aims to strengthen the connection between people and nature, promoting a sense of calm, productivity, and overall wellness.

There are so many ways to bring nature into your home!  Some are very straightforward like bringing in plants and natural objects, or bringing in patterns that feel like nature.  Others are more obscure like when thinking about prospect and refuge, and fear and awe strategies.


(Want to learn more? I explain all aspects of biophilic design strategies in this blog post.)

If you’re designing an entire home or doing a major renovation, it can feel overwhelming to think through biophilic design strategies for the whole house.  So it’s good to focus on one room at a time.

And today we’re focusing on biophilic kitchen design strategies!

I’ve talked a lot about Wellness Kitchens, and biophilic kitchen design goes hand in hand with a wellness kitchen.  Learn more about Wellness Kitchens here.

The biophilic design features we cover in today’s podcast episode will be a perfect accompaniment to your wellness kitchen!

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What You'll Discover:

  • What biophilic design is and why we need it
  • How to avoid fleeting trends and design something that you’ll love forever
  • Wellness kitchens and biophilic design
  • Simple ways to connect to nature with kitchen design

The natural wood and the green earthy color of the seating make this table a great match for a nature-inspired kitchen

Natural wood with greenish blue base cabinets, soft brick wall texture all create an inviting, calming feel.  Try to avoid wood countertops though!

You can also keep cabinets, countertops, and walls neutral, then add nature's colors through dishware, art, plants etc. 

Bringing in real natural elements is a great way to connect with nature.  Get creative with overhead lighting as seen here.

Rounded elements are more common in nature than square edges.  Add an organic feel to countertops by using a rounded edge.

A curved wall adds an organic feel.  This wall also creates a place of refuge - a safe place to sit and having a vintage point over looking the kitchen and other areas of the house.  Source

This same kitchen has rounded corners at the countertop and tile backsplash.  Source

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