056 // The Home-Building Process: Who To Have On Your Team

By: Kate HambletAugust 30, 2023

Today we’re talking about who to have on your project team as you design and build your new home, renovation or addition.

When you’re ready to build a custom new home or renovate your existing home, you have options on who you want to help you complete the project.  

If you’ve never gone through the renovation or new build process before, you might be feeling a bit clueless on who will be involved.  Do you need an architect, engineers, surveyors?  I’m sure all these questions are swirling around in your head as you begin to plan out the steps to how your house is going to get designed and built.


So let’s break down all the potential professionals that may need to get involved in your project, and when they typically need to get involved.

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What You'll Discover:

  • Why it’s important to assemble a design and build team prior to any work being done
  • The roles of common team members who build or renovate a home
  • Why you may want expert consultants on your team
  • Who to get involved when

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What is a Healthy Home Consultant

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