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030 // Creating a Sustainable, Healthy Outdoor Environment at a Home Designed For Wellness
23 September

This week wraps up the Components of a Wellness House series, and we’re going outdoors. A wellness house merges the indoor

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029 // What are the mechanical, lighting and water systems of a Sustainable Wellness House?
15 September

In a sustainable wellness home, we’re striving to use as many passive design strategies as we can.  Strategies like natural

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028 // What Does It Feel Like To Live In A House Designed For Wellness And Sustainability?
8 September

My favorite thing about buildings is the way they have the power to affect how I feel. Have you noticed this? A

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027 // Choosing the Land, Orientation and Construction Type for Building Your Wellness Home
2 September

Welcome to September, where I’m happy to report that it is now acceptable to consume Fall flavored treats.  (I always

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