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We are nature. For the 200,000 years that humans have been the

We are nature.For the 200,000 years that humans have been the species

As I mentioned last month. I am fortunate to be a contributing

I am fortunate to be a contributing writer to the monthly magazine

It's funny I've been blogging on my website for years now, and

It's no secret that hospitals are insanely overwhelmed and running on empty

You’ve probably heard me say this 100 times by now, but every

If you're about to start your renovation or new build project, you've

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I'm a licensed architect and owner of Balanced Architecture.  I'm here to help you create a beautiful home that enhances the health of your family and the planet.  

I know how overwhelming the design and construction process can be.  There's a lot to it!  And you shouldn't have to figure it out on your own.  With me as your guide, you'll be able to enjoy the home building journey with confidence and ease.

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