Case Study House-The Good

By: Kate HambletOctober 12, 2017

Let me introduce you to our new house.  It’s full of little charms and oddities, and it’s definitely in need of some attention.  But it is ours, and we love it.  We bought the house knowing that it will act as a case study for turning an unhealthy house into a healthy one.  We knew there was mold in the attic, water quality issues, and inadequate amounts of insulation for warmth, among other things.  But we also knew that all of these issues can be remedied, and that is where our project begins.

The Good

  • I am drawn to things that are a little bit quirky, and this house is just that.  I refer to its style as a contemporary Saltbox.  It reminds me of a ski cabin, which is perfect for its setting.  It is situated on a mountain, surrounded by trees, with ski slopes just five minutes away.
  • It’s so roomy.  Pieter and I have never lived together in a home that is over 900 square feet, which was fine with us since we never required much room.  We somehow even made it work after Crosby came along.  But once we moved back from Colorado and Pieter started working from home, we knew we needed more space.  This 1,300 sf house has two bedrooms upstairs and one on the main floor which has become a perfect in-home office.
  • My favorite part about the house is the openness from the first floor to the second floor.  It makes a 1,300 square foot house feel even bigger.  I love walking into the home and feeling how expansive it is above me.  It also serves two very practical purposes.  I can easily see my toddler playing in his room while I’m in the kitchen preparing dinner, and it allows heat from our main heating source, the wood stove, to circulate to the second floor bedrooms.
  • Another great quality of this house is its strong core.  The foundation is in good shape, the floors are beefy, and there’s no creaking or squeaking.  It is a very sturdy house and has the approval from the structural engineer in the house (that would be Pieter).
  • The giant south facing windows
  • The wood ceilings
  • A whimsical entry path
  • A standing seam metal roof in great condition

We chose this house because we knew it was strong and healthy at its core.  We loved its character and could see the potential it has to offer.  So we snagged it up, moved in, and are ready to get to work. The house has a lot of positive features, but it is not without its flaws.  I’ll cover ‘The Bad’ in my next post.

The Window

Southern light fills the living space even on a dreary day.


The Balcony

The two story volume feels spacious and offsets the small footprint.

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