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Make Your Home Healthier With These Tips to Align Your Circadian Rhythms
13 August

Ah sunshine.  We all crave it, but unfortunately, very few of us are getting much of it.  Working indoors all

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10 Wellness Kitchen Design Trends
21 June

We are wrapping up our series on wellness kitchens, and I thought I’d end with a fun one.  Today we

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How To Create A Safe, Natural and Healthy Nursery
22 May

It’s crazy how many women I know that are all due right about now (including me!).  With my baby’s arrival

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Biophilic Design and How To Sleep Better At Night Naturally
10 May

Well-being takes more than a visit to the gym and eating healthy food.  Since so much of our time is

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My Renovation Update: A Healthy Basement Remodel
2 May

It has been a long time coming, but we are finally making great progress on our healthy basement remodel!  This

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My House Was Keeping Me From Being Truly Healthy
28 March

I really thought I was doing it all – eating organic food, using natural products, buying organic clothes and bedding,

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How to Create Your Healthy Home Using the Eight Healthy Home Elements
21 March

I know living a healthy lifestyle and making sure your family is safe and healthy is a priority for you.   And

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10 Questions To Ask Potential Contractors When Building Your Healthy Home
13 March

We are wrapping up our series on ‘How to Begin a Wellness Home Build’ with some guidance on choosing the

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What’s the real secret to staying on budget during your healthy home build?
7 March

Want to know why so many home building projects go over budget?  Your first guess might be a bad grasp

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Doesn’t A Healthy Home Cost More To Build?
28 February

“Doesn’t a healthy home cost more to build than a regular home?”  If you have had this thought, please raise

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