February 28

Doesn’t A Healthy Home Cost More To Build?

"Doesn't a healthy home cost more to build than a regular home?"  If you have had this thought, please raise your hand.  You are not alone in that assumption!  The truth is, health and wellness focused homes can cost more to build, but they don't have to!  

Living in a healthy home is vital for your family's health and well-being, and I do not want the misconception of a high price tag to be what keeps you from building your wellness home.


Ready to create your healthy home but have no idea where to start?!

Grab my FREE 'Getting Started' guide that'll ease your stress and help you enjoy your home building journey.⁠

There are many ways to design a home that enhances your family's health, happiness and longevity without breaking your budget.  But doing so requires thoughtful consideration during the design process and a knowledgeable team to execute the construction.  I'll walk you through it all in this video.

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