013 // 10 Steps To An Energy Efficient, Comfortable Healthy Home

By: Kate HambletDecember 2, 2019

We are talking about something a little bit different from my usual topics on the Healthy Home Design podcast this week, but it's something that is equally important.

This week's topic is about creating an energy efficient home that in turn produces a comfortable, healthy home for you and your family.


Since it's the first of the month, this is another 10 in 20 episode. In 20 minutes, I run through tens steps for creating an energy efficient, comfortable healthy home.

I only have two minutes to spend on each step, so this is not an in-depth guide to net zero energy homes, but instead a good overview if you have been wondering what goes into making an energy efficient home.

(Side Note: If you are building a new home or doing a major renovation and would like to create a more energy efficient home, I can work with you to make that happen!)

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Why an energy efficient healthy home is needed

I think this is an important topic because there are some misconceptions about what an energy efficient home is and what the best practices for creating one are.  (Have you thought about putting solar panels on your roof? Find out why that's the last thing you should do for energy efficiency.) 

It is also important because we can't have healthy people on this planet if we don't have a healthy planet. Reducing our energy consumption is an important piece of creating a healthier planet.

10 Steps to an energy efficient healthy home

(Listen to the podcast to learn more about each of these steps!)

  1. Building Orientation
  2. Simple Design
  3. Window Size and Placement
  4. Air Tight Enclosure
  5. Super Insulated Home
  6. Balanced Ventilation
  7. Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems
  8. Water Heating Efficiency
  9. Efficient Appliances and Lighting
  10. Alternative Energy

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