How To Find Healthy Building Materials For Your Renovation or New Home Build

By: Kate HambletMarch 3, 2021


Have you ever started searching for a healthy product and then found yourself three hours later even more confused than when you started?

I have been there.  Searching for earth-friendly and healthy materials for your healthy home renovation or new home build is hard!  It's exhausting and confusing.

This episode is meant to help you narrow down your choices and guide you to the best websites to find the information you're looking for.

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What You'll Discover:

  • What product certifications are
  • Which certifications you should look out for
  • The best websites to search for healthy materials
  • My process for researching healthy and earth-friendly materials

The Healthy Materials Guide:

This Easy-To-Use Guide Will Help You:

  • Save time and avoid frustration - you can stop the endless internet research for healthy and sustainable materials
  • Feel good about the materials you're selecting for your home
  • Share your material ideas with your architect and builder so they have a head start on understanding what you want to use in your home

Learn more about the guide here.

Helpful Links:


Healthy Materials Lab:

Mindful Materials:

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