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BUT before you go– do you want to know which alternative materials are good to use for the planet?


Your Non-toxic Materials Guide To Building A Sustainable And Wellness-Centered Home

Now that you have the step-by-step process to design your healthy home you need the right materials and products to create it!

It’s NEVER too soon to start educating yourself on materials as early in the design process as you can, in order for your designer or contractor to know what you’re planning to use.

Plus there are so many decisions to make when renovating,

The more you can make upfront when you’re still excited about the project, the better–Because you don’t want to be making material decisions when you’ve been working on this for a year, exhausted, and just want to be done!

This guide comes from years of researching eco-friendly and healthy materials as an architect and will help you:

Save countless hours researching products that often have conflicting information!

Have a better understanding of what materials are actually better for the planet and for human health!

Pick and choose sustainable and healthy materials already narrowed down (because I’ve done all the research for you!)

Grab your comprehensive list of materials to create your dream home that is good for the planet AND for the health of your whole family