Your Healthy Building Material Questions Answered

By: Kate HambletOctober 28, 2019

We're continuing our healthy building materials mini-series by answering listener questions specific to healthy home building materials and finishes.


If you're curious what the household toxins that you should be avoiding in your home are, listen to episode 007 by clicking here first.

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Questions Covered in this episode:

  • I am doing a renovation to my house and have spent so much time searching for healthy building products.   It's confusing because there is so much greenwashing, I don't know what I should believe.  Now I'm frustrated and overwhelmed.  Is there a place I can go to find out if a product is safe to use in my home?
  • I have to replace drywall and insulation due to mold remediation.  What should I be choosing for healthy drywall and insulation for the new walls?
  • We are replacing the vinyl flooring in my house that was installed about 25 years ago with a floating wood floor.  We pulled up a small section of it and it has a terrible toxic smell.  What can we do to get rid of the smell before installing the new floor?
  • It seems like everything in our lives need to be non-toxic for us to be safe.  From food, to clothing, car seats, shampoo, building materials.  Is this really possible?

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Healthy Rating System:



US Product:  USG EcoSmart

US Product:  National Gypsum GoldBond

New Zealand Product: Winstone Wallboard

Drywall Joint Compound: Murco M100 Drywall Joint Compound


Mineral Wool Insulation:  Owens Corning ThermaFiber UltraBatt FF

MgO Board: ExtremeGreen


Sealant for toxic odors:  AFM SafeCoat Safeseal

Healthy Materials Links:

Healthy Home Design Podcast episode 007 // Why Choose Healthy Building Materials

Six Classes is a website dedicated to teaching consumers about the six harmful classes of toxins, as well as advocating for healthier products.

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