Finding Balance at a MOM TRIBE LIFE Retreat

By: Kate HambletAugust 8, 2018

Photo creds to Chandra at MOM TRIBE LIFE for all the awesome photos used in this post.

Part of a balanced life for me is finding time to escape from the hectic daily routine and RECHARGE.  So for 24 hours this past weekend I relished in some me-time, and it was wonderful. I had the pleasure of attending my first MOM TRIBE LIFE retreat in the mountains of New Hampshire.


The founder of MOM TRIBE LIFE started the group with the purpose of providing a community and support network for “classy, sassy, and kick-assy moms”.  One of the group’s missions is to run retreats that provide an opportunity for moms to get a little R&R and self-care.  As the group's website points out, you can’t pour from an empty cup, so take care of yourself first.  MOM TRIBE LIFE is a great community that mixes humor and support - follow @MOMTRIBELIFE on Instagram! 

My 24-hours of me-time began with a 50-minute car ride of uninterrupted bliss to listen to my favorite podcast.  It was already relaxing and the retreat hadn’t even technically started yet.  

The retreat was at a gorgeous house nestled in the woods off a dirt road with privacy on all sides. It was peaceful, quiet, and welcoming, and just what I needed at that moment.

We arrived around 10 AM to a freshly prepared brunch with quiche, yogurt, fruit, fresh doughnuts, and last but not least, mimosas.  Everything was delicious. 

After brunch we played a fun game, followed by great conversation and more laughs.  A little later came the charcuterie board, and it was fabulous.  I’m pretty sure I ate my weight in salami and cheddar cheese.  

For much of the afternoon the guests were able to choose their own adventure.  The house had an incredible covered farmer’s porch where I peacefully sat and read a book for at least an hour. Amazing.  Some napped while others chatted happily on the back porch. The commonality - everyone relaxed and did just what they wanted to do.

For dinner, the hosts made hot-off-the-grill veggies and chicken, and fresh pasta salad.  Just like the previous meals – the food was all incredibly delicious and I didn’t want to stop eating.  After dinner we lounged for a bit and then proceeded to have the best dessert ever – the brown bear s’mores.  These are not your everyday s’mores, people.  Take that standard s’more, replace the waxy Hersey’s chocolate with smooth, creamy Lindt chocolate, and if it couldn’t get any better, add a brownie to that puppy.  Dreamy.

By that time it was late and I was sleepy, but more than anything I couldn’t wait to go to bed knowing that I wasn’t going to be woken up early in the morning. I slept like a little baby.  In the morning everyone woke up whenever they so desired and did their own thing until around 8:30 when we had freshly-delivered egg sandwiches from the local deli.  It was a perfect breakfast to top off a perfect 24-hours of relaxation. 

I loved the retreat because it wasn’t only relaxing, but it was also a time to laugh and swap stories and relate to others going through similar experiences.  It was a combination of bonding and unwinding and eating and enjoying the solitude of the location.  The hosts did everything for us from cooking to cleaning to drink re-filling, leaving us all feeling very pampered.  Everything was perfectly planned and executed, and I’m already looking forward to the next one.

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