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Healthy Home Design Studio

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And learn how to confidently create a home that enhances the health and well-being of you and the planet.

Enrollment closes on October 8th, 2021

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You missed out!

Designing and building your home should be a fun adventure, not the thing keeping you up at night.

But for most people, home design is a completely new experience.  And venturing into the unknown can cause fear and hold you back from getting started.  It's normal to feel like...

You just don't know where to start

How does the process work?!  Do you need a plan first, or find a contractor, or get permits, or pick out materials?!?  Ahhh!

You're afraid of going over budget

How do you keep your budget in check when designing a healthy and environmentally friendly home?

You can't communicate your ideas and your vision

You know you want a beautiful home that promotes your family's health and well-being, but how do you get the message across?

There's too much to do and not enough time

Overwhelmed already? There's a lot to think about and organize during the design process, and that can feel daunting!

You're afraid you'll get the design wrong

What if the layout doesn't work, or the living room overheats in the summer, or you run into a mold problem since the walls weren't designed right?

The construction process is intimidating

You don't want to sound like you're clueless about construction, and you don't want the contractor to talk to you like you are either.

Right now you're not quite sure how to design a home that will keep your family and the planet healthy.

That's what the Healthy Home Design Studio is here for.


Access to the Healthy Home Design Studio prepares you to...

get the design right

Building or renovating your home is probably one of the biggest investments you'll ever make, so it's important to get it right!  The right design will make your life easier, improve your health and happiness, and nourish the planet.

stay on Budget and on time

You'll save time and money when you have a guide and you're fully prepared for your project.  Being prepared means you're going to get it right the first time so you don't have to waste time and money trying to fix a bad design or a major building restriction that was overlooked.

enjoy the process

Your home design project shouldn't be keeping you up at night.  When you know the next steps, anticipate the road blocks, and have a team that understands your vision, you'll be able to enjoy the journey.

Why Join The Healthy Home Design Studio?

Because everyone deserves to live in a home that keeps them healthy, happy and safe, and hiring a pricey architect shouldn't be what stands in the way.


The Healthy Home Design studio is an affordable way to have an architect guide you through the home design process so you can create a beautiful home that enhances the health and well-being of you and the planet.

Architect Guidance

Here at the Studio, I'll guide you through the renovation or new build design process so you can confidently create a healthy and sustainable home for your family.

Community Encouragement

Plus, you'll have the community support of like-minded people going through the same reno / home building journey as you, which is awesome, because doing it together is so much easier than doing it alone.

What IS The Healthy Home Design Studio?

Ah! I'm glad you asked.

A Structured Online Course

These are called the Studio Sessions. 

The guided courses contain step-by-step instruction for an in-depth understanding of designing a healthy home.

The courses are presented Live each week for 6 weeks.  A recording of the lesson will be available immediately following the class if you aren't able to make it live.


An online membership community

Design shouldn't be done alone!

You'll have more fun and learn a lot more when you're part of a community of like-minded people.

A community becomes a sounding board, motivation on hard days, a place to celebrate wins, and a place to learn.

We use a network called Mighty Networks to bring the Healthy Home Design Studio community together.

Studio Session 1  

Start Date:

October 12th


Prepare: Nailing The Pre-Design Phase

A lot needs to happen in pre-design to be ready for design and construction.  

Here you'll prepare your purpose statement, program of spaces, budget, zoning research, and site analysis.

You'll also start looking into contractors and consultants.


At the end of this 6-week course, you will have a complete program (a physical document) that directs the rest of the project. It'll be your hand book for communicating your ideas, sticking with your goals, staying within budget, and enjoying the rest of the home building journey.

What Happens Next?

The Healthy Home Design Studio is a monthly membership program, so after the 6 weeks you'll still be part of the community, have access to all the lessons, and continue having weekly live Q&A sessions with me.  There will also be special bonus sessions covering topics like biophilic design, home certification programs and more!

The next studio session will start in January and will focus on the Design Phase.

Session 1 Weekly Lessons


Module 1: Understanding The Design and Construction Process

Week of October 11th.


Module 2: Determine Your Goals and Intentions

Week of October 18th.


Module 3: Get Clear On Your Budget

Week of October 25th.


Module 4: Zoning Code and Site Selection

Week of November 1st.


Module 5: Conduct A Site Analysis

Week of November 8th.


Module 6: Create Your Program of Spaces

Week of November 18th.

You'll be finished before the holidays begin!!

What To Expect


  • Live online step-by-step weekly instruction for an in-depth understanding of designing a healthy home
  • Live weekly Q&A with Kate to answer your home design / building questions
  • Weekly challenges so you can stick to your goal of getting through the reno or new home design
  • All live lessons and Q&A's will be recorded and can be accessed anytime


  • The benefits of a group: Post comments, ask advice, learn from others, share your struggles.  It's like a Facebook group minus all the FB noise
  • Get feedback from Kate when you post questions and comments in the feed


  • Discounts for one-on-one consulting with Kate (great for plan reviews)
  • Prizes and giveaways for completing weekly challenges

Your Investment

Founding member pricing!
This is the lowest price the membership will ever be.
Lock in the low monthly price now!

The Healthy Home Design Studio is a monthly membership that gives you access to all course material and the community.


Locks in this price for as long as you stay a member!

Includes access to all course and community materials while you are a member of the studio.



No commitment.  Cancel anytime.

  • Locks in this price for as long as you stay a member
  • Access to all course recordings forever



Save over 20% from monthly pricing!

Yearly commitment.

You will be directed to Mighty Networks to Enroll in the Studio and join the community!

(Once in Mighty Networks you can choose the monthly or yearly membership.)

your guide

Hi!  I'm Kate Hamblet, a licensed architect that specializes in designing homes that enhance the health of people and the planet. 

I know that not every budget allows for architectural design services.  But just because you aren’t hiring an architect that shouldn't mean your project isn't successful.

The thing is, there's a lot that goes into the home design process. And if you don't have experience with design and the building process, it can get pretty overwhelming and even turn ugly.  

Generally if you don’t hire an architect you take the risk of getting a lot of things wrong, and that can be very costly. 

So I created the Healthy Home Design Studio to bridge the gap between going it alone and hiring a pricey architect because everyone deserves to live in a beautiful, comfortable, healthy home.  

Balanced Architecture

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