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028 // What Does It Feel Like To Live In A House Designed For Wellness And Sustainability?
8 September

My favorite thing about buildings is the way they have the power to affect how I feel. Have you noticed this? A

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025 // What’s Holding You Back From Creating a Healthy Home?
10 August

Do you have hesitations about building or renovating a health and wellness focused home?   If so, you’re not alone!   The

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024 // Sustainable Design vs Wellness Design – Is There A Difference?
3 August

What’s your favorite thing to do outside?   I have two favorites: Hiking and skiing (and a close third is a hilly

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023 // What Are The Steps to Designing and Building / Renovating a Healthy Home?
28 July

Are you thinking of building or renovating a home and aren’t sure of the process?  This week’s episode walks you

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022 // How To Create A Bedroom Sanctuary
20 July

Today’s episode is a guide to creating a bedroom sanctuary. If you’re home with a house full of people right now,

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021 // How Feng Shui Creates A Healthier and Happier Home with Peg Donahue
30 March

Designing homes for health and well-being may seem like a new design trend, but creating healthy homes is a concept

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018 // 10 Easy, High-Impact Ideas To Start Making Your Home Healthier Today
17 February

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by the idea of creating a home that will enhance your family’s health and

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017 // What Insulation to Choose For Your Healthy Home and Why
3 February

It’s the season of heating, which means you might be feeling the lack of insulation in your house, both because

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016 // Choosing Paint Colors For a Calm and Stress-Free Home
20 January

Have you ever picked a paint color for a room and then realized you didn’t enjoy being in that room

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015 // What Is A Healthy Home Consultant?
6 January

Is this your year for creating a home that will allow your family to thrive? Find out how teaming with a

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