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006 // How Much Does A Healthy Home Cost To Build?
14 October

Have you thought about building a home that encompasses your health and wellness goals, but figured it would be too

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005 // How to Reduce Stress and Create More Calm in Your House
7 October

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again ?  A healthy home is about SO much more than healthy

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004 // 10 Ways to Improve the Air in Your Home
30 September

DOWNLOAD THE CHEAT SHEET HERE. Start improving the air in your home today by implementing these 10 strategies for better air

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003 // Where To Invest The Most Money On Interior Finishes For A Healthy Home
23 September

Many of my clients are renovating their homes or making small improvements to their existing homes and want to know

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002 // The Eight Healthy Home Elements
16 September

DOWNLOAD THE CHEAT SHEET: The Eight Healthy Home Elements PLUS 24 ways to start making a healthier home today! The

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How to Create Your Healthy Home Using the Eight Healthy Home Elements
21 March

I know living a healthy lifestyle and making sure your family is safe and healthy is a priority for you.   And

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