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040 // How much will your project cost? How long will it take? Should you phase the construction?
12 January

Starting a renovation or a new home build can be daunting and there are often a lot of questions at

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039 // How can the design of your home make you more productive?
5 January

We’re spending a lot more time in our homes and as work and family responsibilities merge, we’re finding ourselves more

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036 // My top 8 healthy and sustainable products from my renovation adventures
30 November

In this follow up from episode 32, I dive into some of my favorite products that we used in the

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035 // 10 Questions to ask a potential contractor when building/renovating your sustainable wellness home
10 November

Finding a contractor for any renovation or new build project can be tricky. Contractors can be hard to find, especially

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019 // The Very First Thing You Should Do When Renovating or Building A Wellness-Focused Home
28 February

Starting a big project like renovating or building a new home can feel very scary.  Of course it’s exciting, or

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How to Determine Your Purpose For Creating A Wellness Home
21 February

When you are starting to plan a renovation or new home build, the very first step is to understand what

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