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Imagine walking into your home and immediately feeling a sense of calm. Your home is spacious, clutter-free, filled with natural warmth, and best of all, you know that it is helping you be the healthiest version of yourself.

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing home, the Healthy Home Package is a design guide and instruction manual created just for you.  The custom package is designed to create a home for you and your family that promotes happiness, good health and longevity.[/rs_blockquote]

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It is often thought that creating a healthy home is about improving the home’s indoor air quality and nothing more. But a healthy home is about more than just clean air. A healthy home promotes mental health and wellness, healthy eating, movement that energizes the mind and body, and a healthy body that is not exposed to harmful bacteria and carcinogens. The Healthy Home Package incorporates eight key areas to deliver a holistic health and wellness focused design strategy for your home.  The categories of focus include Air, Water, Light, Comfort, Fitness, Nutrition, Mind, and Safety.

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The Healthy Home Package is designed to give you and your builder the framework needed to design and construct a home that will promote health and longevity for you and your family.  The report incorporates custom design strategies, specific design guidelines, construction details, and material specifications necessary to design a healthy home.  It is an instruction manual for you and your contractor that will transform your home into a healthy retreat.  Your Healthy Home Package is designed just for you, and our correspondence is done entirely online and over the phone.

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initial phone conversation to discuss your project

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upload your project floor plans and photo inspiration

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emailed report 2 weeks after files are received

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conversation to review and answer questions

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revisions made as needed to the report and resent

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Healthy Design Strategies

 You will receive healthy design solutions that can be incorporated into your home design based on your specific wants and needs and the science of healthy home design.  The strategies will cover each design category: Air, Water, Light, Comfort, Fitness, Nutrition, Mind, and Safety.

Healthy Design Guidelines

A healthy home requires extra guidelines that aren’t found in building codes.  This report provides guidelines to be incorporated into design of your home as well as guidelines for living in your healthy home.

Construction Details

Construction details are the instructions contractors use to build a home.  This report includes climate and location specific details for a healthy building envelope, plus details that compliment the proposed design strategies.

Construction Specifications

Specifications are where your contractor will find healthy product and building material information, healthy installation instructions, and healthy construction site practices.  The specification section is the guide to ensure a healthy home is built.

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[rs_pricing_table icon=”fa fa-star-o” feature=”60 Minute Phone Consultation | Custom Healthy Home Design Strategies | Construction Details and Specifications | Guides and Inspiration for Living a Healthy Lifestyle | Constant Contact with Me Throughout the Process” currency=”$” price=”2995*” alt_text=”for up to 2500 sq ft house**” btn_text=”BOOK YOUR CONSULTATION” title=”NEW CONSTRUCTION” link=”||target:%20_blank|”]

*$100 to be charged now for 60 minute phone consult, balance to be charged after documents have been uploaded.

**$250 additional per each 500 additional sq ft

[rs_pricing_table icon=”fa fa-star” feature=”60 Minute Phone Consultation |Healthy Home Design Strategies that Fit Your Renovation | Construction Details and Specifications | Guides and Inspiration for Living a Healthy Lifestyle | Constant Contact with Me Throughout the Process” alt_text=”Contact Me For Pricing” btn_text=”CONTACT FOR PRICING” title=”RENOVATION” link=”||target:%20_blank|”]
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The most common questions about our Healthy Home Package are listed, but don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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I am just starting the process of designing a house. Should I purchase the package now?

Yes, the best time to plan for a healthy home is at the early stages of the design phase.  This might either be called concept or schematic design.  Once you have an idea of the size and general layout of your home or the extent of your renovation, we can begin to introduce the health and wellness design concepts.

I have a home plan from a catalogue or a builder. Can you help turn it into a healthy home?

Definitely!  A home plan is a perfect place to start creating your healthy home.  I will make floor plan and other design suggestions so that the plan can be altered by your contractor for your healthy home.


If you already have a contractor be sure they are aware of your plan to make changes.

Do I need to have an architect?

No, having an architect is not necessary for me to create your healthy home package.  The package gives the framework for creating a wellness focused home.  Whether you or your contractor is doing the design work, you can apply the framework to your design and the contractor can build the home based on the details and specifications given in the package.

I have an architect. Won’t they design my home to be healthy?

I would love to say yes, but the reality is that most architects are not trained to design homes that optimize human health.  Designing healthy homes goes beyond minimal building code requirements and basic design principles.  It takes a conscious effort and special training to design a home that covers all aspects of promoting human health and wellness.

What if I have questions after our initial call or have a change I want to make?

You can always call or email me with questions.  Changes can be made, but depending on their significance, may incur extra cost.

I may have some questions for you after I receive your documents and will either email or call you to discuss.  I will send out progress emails during the two-week process to keep you updated on the work.

What are the files you keep mentioning?

In order to provide the most accurate package for your home, I will need some design information from you.  If you are building a new home, I will need floor plans and any other drawings that have been created at this point.  Inspiration images are also helpful for me to see the style of your new home and any specific features you want incorporated.  If you provide a link, I can view your Pinterest or Houzz inspiration boards as well.


If you are renovating your home, I will need photos of the exterior and interior of your home.  I will also need floor plans of the existing layout and proposed layout if you have either of these documents.  Inspiration images are helpful to understand your desired style and any specific features you want incorporated.

When should I upload my home files?

The sooner you upload your floor plan and photo files after our initial phone call, the better.  I am excited to dig into your project and create your Healthy Home Package but can’t begin work until those files are received.  If the files are not received within two weeks after the phone call and I have not heard from you, then the project is considered to be terminated.  I am happy to work with you if circumstances are requiring a longer time frame as long as you let me know.


There is an initial payment of $100 for the 60-minute phone consultation which is due upon booking the consult.  The remaining payment for the healthy home package is due at the time you upload your house plans.


Building and renovating a home is a big commitment, and I know many factors can affect the design process.  Unfortunately, due to the nature of this service, a refund can only be made before you have uploaded your floor plan and photo files.  The work to create your healthy home package has begun once I receive the files, so a refund can no longer be given at that point.


The $100 phone consultation fee can be refunded if the call has not yet happened.

What do I do after I receive the Healthy Home Package?

We will have a follow-up phone call to review everything that is in the package.  If any revisions need to be made to the report, I will make those and send you the final report.  If you are working with an architect or contractor, they will need this information to incorporate the design strategies, construction details and specifications into their documents.

Does this package include full design services?

No, this package is meant to supplement the architectural design of your home.  The package includes healthy home design strategies and custom design ideas for your home, but it does not take the place of a full home design.

I can provide design services if you are looking for an architect to design your new home or major renovation.  Click here to contact me regarding your project.

Do you receive compensation for recommended products?

I do not receive compensation for any products I recommend.  I am recommending products based on my research and experience with the product and knowing that it is a healthy choice for your home.

Healthy Materials Guide:

Making it easy to choose healthy and earth-friendly materials for your renovation or new home build