#westlightfarmhouse…. a Renovation Journey

By: Kate HambletFebruary 2, 2022

It's funny I've been blogging on my website for years now, and I haven't once shared information about projects I'm working on. I don't have a good excuse as to why, it just hasn't happened.

But that is all changing!

Today I'm kicking off the West Light Farmhouse Project. I'll be sharing the journey of renovating an 1800's New Hampshire farmhouse over the next weeks and months.

Current view of the farmhouse.  (Photo courtesy of Google Street View).

The West Light Farmhouse got its name because of the new owner's love for the warm glow of the setting sun, and it's a significant part of the design to make sure we incorporate western light into all the living spaces of the house.

The history of this farmhouse (as with most 200 year old farmhouses) is amazing. It's been through generations of families, giant working farms, shenanigans, fires, and apparently even a murder. And, as with most 200 year old buildings, it's been through A LOT of renovations and has taken many forms. 

The new owners of the farmhouse want to restore the original character of the house. The farmhouse has become rather iconic in the small neighborhood, and it's important to maintain the history and character that the house provides for the neighborhood. There's a GIANT maple tree at the very front of the house. And even the tree is going to be preserved (with some minor pruning!). Some of its branches look like they're trying to open the windows and start making a home inside the house.

The other major goals of the farmhouse renovation are to make it very energy efficient, (right now the house is so leaky and poorly insulated, there isn't much difference between indoors and out), make it a healthy, comfortable place to call home, and allow it to function for a family living in the 2000's, not the 1800's.

Follow along with me here and on Instagram and Tiktok (I never thought I'd say those words) as I share the experience of turning an old dilapidated farmhouse into a thriving, beautiful, comfortable, and healthy family home.

Here are some highlights of the farmhouse house, old and new.

Below photos courtesy of current owners.

This view is everything to the town and to the new owners. The porch has been welcoming visitors and rocking chairs for 200 years. It's important to preserve the character of this porch and restore the deteriorated features.

Here is what the porch looks like now.  It still has its original charm, but needs some love.

This photo is taken pre-1970's. You can see the house at the very far right in the photo.  The giant barn burnt to the ground in the 1970's. The only thing that remained standing was the silo. Previous owners built a small guesthouse onto the silo, and converted the silo into a novelty viewing tower.

Here is a front view of the barn connected to the house.  After the barn burnt down, they built a two-story garage where the barn was located.  Below is the picture of the garage as it currently exists.

This is the upper level of the two-story garage.

And this is the lower level of the two-story garage.

Final Thoughts:

There is a lot to be done to turn this house into a comfortable family home.  And it's going to be a wonderful adventure!  Be sure to follow along as the project progresses.

I'll be sharing a lot more photos and design ideas on Instagram and Tiktok so don't forget to check out all the social media!!

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